How Safe Is Tungsten Carbide?

Removal In An Emergency

As you may now know, tungsten carbide is the hardest metal you can get in the form of a ring. It is great because it doesn't get scratched, but some have voiced concerns that in an emergency the ring will be very difficult to remove. This is not true, in fact because tungsten carbide is so hard, it is also quite brittle. In an event where it has to be removed, squeezing the ring with a pair of vice grips or pliers will actually shatter the ring into two or three pieces. In some ways this is a much easier way to remove a ring than say titanium or gold which have to be cut to remove from the finger.

Another benefit of having a ring that will snap in two is if you for example you accidentally close a car door on your ring, a softer ring will deform and squeeze your finger, probably cutting off circulation and will then need to be removed immediately to avoid harm. A tungsten carbide ring will either shatter or nothing will happen at all, either way your finger should escape safely.

Cobalt-Free Tungsten Carbide

Some retailers sell tungsten carbide rings that contain cobalt, these are cheaper to make but have the downside of causing a reaction with the oils in our skin. Cobalt can cause an allergic reaction and leave a green mark on your skin, and sometimes permanently stain your ring. Our tungsten carbide rings do not contain cobalt so you can be assured our rings are 100% hypoallergenic and safe to wear.

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